Smaller Works


wp_20170904_17_41_15_pro (2)1538041395..jpgMass (Private collection)

img_20180213_223229_901560228768.jpgBlood Moon over Manhattan (shortlisted for the RA 250 Summer Exhibition 2018) Private Collection

wp_20170904_17_48_32_pro (2)7095480..jpgAvenues and Streets

wp_20170904_17_46_23_pro (3)1025057507..jpgCity of Glass (Private collection)

img_20171003_224524_643-1602x16021771204887.jpgMonochrome sketch – Near Madison Square

img_20170927_231530_782-1562x15621471005072.jpgOil Sketch – Overlooking Central Park (Private collection)

img_20180113_220522_222-1069x1069997064107.jpgCity Heat at Central Park (Private collection)

These paintings are approximately 40 x 40cm square before framing. They are all oil on panel.

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