A view from Midtown looking south. The painting is coming along as expected and now I’m going to focus on ‘toning down’ the lights a little, adding subtleties to their ‘glow’ which will give the picture more interest. The Empire State Building, seen here in mid ground will also be merged in tone to the background, to soften it’s appearance. I love the shape of the ‘BoAT’ (Bank of America Tower) and find it remenicent of Renzo Piano’s Shard tower on London’s South Bank.

Central Park, looking East


A view of the wonderful Central Park, the essential green lungs of Manhattan island. The stark contrast of rambling green horizontals and pale, graceful verticals is hypnotic and spectacular. My last visit here was alas not particularly green (it was January) and criminally short (passing on my way to the Guggenhiem Museum). Honestly! I mean, just ‘passing’?? This is truly one of the loveliest parts of the city…. next time i’ll know better to spend a little longer here!!

Looking uptown, Evening


This painting is the first of a pair commissioned recently for clients who had met and lived for a few years in the city. This view includes the lovely Bryant Park in the foreground, hemmed in by a cluster of  dramatic verticals. The large open expanse of Central Park can be seen in the distance, top right. Further away is the George Washington Bridge illuminated by the setting sun. The tall, irregular yet graceful tower in the foreground is home to the Bank of America and is commonly known as ‘The Boat’. As with a growing number of businesses in the city, this building boasts beehives which in turn may be contributing to a rise in unwelcome swarms (although I’d love to give the honey a taste!)

Midtown Morning


Now complete, a view of the big apple from the east, near the United Nations headquarters. I am fascinated by the ‘turning’ times of dusk and dawn as this creates an unusual cocktail of colours created by weak sunlight. Skyscrapers are very good subjects for cast shadows, and, needless to say, perspective. Although I have included pretty much all the buildings seen from this viewpoint I have used a degree of artistic licence as to their relative heights. This helps to create a more pleasing composition. Additionally I have provided a familiar celestial object, which although is known as a symbol of night has in this case provided an alternative ‘rise’.

Hey Manhattan!


One of my latest completed paintings, a view looking northward past the Chrysler building to Queens and the East River. This is relatively large in size from what I usually do, at nearly a metre square. This is essential to evoke the sheer mass of NYC, its various forms, shadows and colours.

Looking a little closer..

Foxy! Here is a close up of one of my latest paintings. I have focused on a section which has involved my rather worn brushes. Here we see a mixture of thickly applied paint and more ‘pushed’ or ‘dragged’ areas which is possible with short yet firm bristles. This creates a degree of variety which enlivens the whole painting, creating a sense of vitality and freshness. WP_20160313_21_24_09_Pro

Anatomy of a (Halliday) brush…

Brushes for oil paint

Here’s a rather scruffy line up! These may look worn, or indeed downright unworkable brushes. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact I relish their mature state as it can give me the desired brushwork that a crispy new one would not (I particularly like the fourth one from the left for tighter detailing!) They are all, apart from the second in on the right, flat head shape when new. Alas there will be a moment when they will be truly useless, but until then I’ll squeeze every last drop of life out of them! In my next post I’ll show some details of my paintings to explain further…