Transferred to Manhattan…

The view from Roosevelt Island

March 4th – 10th 2019

This week saw my (eventual) return to the Big Apple. It’s been some time. The last time, as well as this time, had one thing in common: totally fffffreeeezzzing! This time, unlike last time however, involved me soaking up the city itself, rather than the fabulous museums that there are here. I have taken rather a lot of photos, understandably, and have walked mile on mile.

I had a great time. Weather, unlike temperature, was gorgeous; sharp, sunny, bright.

New Yorkers treated me like royalty. Friendly and polite all the way.

I forgot how fabulous the food is here. The Murray Hill Diner particularly…


Any regrets? No (well, maybe could’ve drawn and painted more, but the cold did not help so that’s ok)

How to get around? Well, for $32 you can use the tube and bus for a week with their Metrocard (imagine £30 a week on transport in London! Not happening!) – so if you don’t mind using underground trains (they were cleaner and faster than last time), then it’s a good deal to see the city.

Another good deal? Well MOMA on Friday evening is free, yippee (a tad crowded, no surprise)…

Gorgeous Vincent…

..and the ferry to Staten Island, always a lovely experience

Good views? Absolutely! The great thing about this trip was taking in the life on the sidewalks; the clatter, smoke, steam, chaos.

Midtown from Lower East Side

…and the ironwork!

Streets of Nolita..

More to follow in my next blog.

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